I’m currently a PhD candidate in Information Science at Cornell University, where I’m advised by David Mimno. In the fall, I’ll be starting as a Young Investigator at the Allen Institute for AI on the Semantic Scholar team.

I have a master’s degree in Computational Linguistics from the University of Washington and have worked as a research intern at places like Microsoft Research, Twitter Cortex, Facebook Core Data Science, and Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

My research is in natural language processing and cultural analytics. I’m interested in modeling how people communicate about their personal experiences through text, especially when these communications occur in online communities grounded in shared, structured experiences, like healthcare experiences or cultural objects like books or games. My research relies on unsupervised machine learning methods and re-explores the reliability and evaluation of these methods when applied to small, socially-specific datasets.

My past work has examined how postpartum people share and frame their birth experiences, how online book reviewers use and write about genres, and how the use of word embedding models require additional stability tests when used to measure biases.


Jun 2022 I was interviewed by Chris Potts on his podcast about NLP, novels, the digital humanities, Ukraine, and more.
Jun 2022 Visiting ETH Zurich as a Summer Fellow with Elliott Ash's group
May 2022 Papers accepted at the NLP+HCI and Narrative Understanding Workshops at NAACL 2022
Jan 2022 Our presentation on "Online Readership and Perceptions of Genres Over Time" has been accepted at Digital Humanities 2022
Jan 2022 Our tutorial BERT for Humanists and Social Scientists has been accepted at ICWSM 2022
Dec 2021 Speaking at Berkeley NLP Seminar
Dec 2021 Hosting a tutorial on BERT for the NLP+CSS 201 Tutorial Series
Dec 2021 Teaching an introductory NLP course for journalists as part of the Brown Institute Wrangler (Columbia + Stanford)
Dec 2021 Presented our paper on genre and LibraryThing book reviews at CSCW
Oct 2021 Selected as a "Rising Star in Data Science" by the University of Chicago Rising Stars workshop
Oct 2021 Selected as a "Rising Star in EECS" by the MIT EECS Rising Stars workshop

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