Narrative Datasets through the Lenses of NLP and HCI
Sharifa Sultana, Renwen Zhang, Hajin Lim, Maria Antoniak
NLP+HCI Workshop at NAACL (2022)

Heroes, Villains, and Victims, and GPT-3: Automated Extraction of Character Roles Without Training Data
Dominik Stammbach, Maria Antoniak, Elliott Ash
Narrative Understanding Workshop at NAACL (2022)

Tecnologica cosa’: Modeling Storyteller Personalities in Boccaccio’s Decameron
A. Feder Cooper, Maria Antoniak, Christopher De Sa, David Mimno, Marilyn Migiel
LaTeCH-CLfL Workshop at EMNLP (2021)

Bad Seeds: Evaluating Lexical Methods for Bias Measurement
Maria Antoniak and David Mimno
ACL (2021)
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Tags, Borders, and Catalogs: Social Re-Working of Genre on LibraryThing
Maria Antoniak, Melanie Walsh, and David Mimno
CSCW (2021)
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The Goodreads “Classics”: A Computational Study of Readers, Amazon, and Crowdsourced Amateur Criticism
Melanie Walsh and Maria Antoniak
Post45 x Cultural Analytics (2021)
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Imagined examples of painful experiences provided by chronic low back pain patients and attributed a pain numerical rating score
Robert Stewart Griffin, Maria Antoniak, Phuong Dinh Mac, Vladimir Kramskiy, Seth Waldman, David Mimno
Frontiers in Neuroscience (2020)

Narrative Paths and Negotiation of Power in Birth Stories
Maria Antoniak, David Mimno, and Karen Levy
CSCW (2019)
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Evaluating the Stability of Embedding-based Word Similarities
Maria Antoniak and David Mimno
TACL (2018)
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Natural Language Processing Techniques on Oil and Gas Drilling Data
Maria Antoniak, Jeff Dagliesh, and Justin Lo
SPE Intelligent Energy Conference and Exhibition (2016)

Leveraging Paraphrase Labels to Extract Synonyms from Twitter
Maria Antoniak, Eric Bell, and Fei Xia
Proceedings of the Florida Artificial Intelligence Research Society Conference (2015)